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Professional Sound System Design & Implementation


We are the sound system provider &
PA implementor of the New York Metro area

Chances are you've heard about us, our work, systems, and productions. If you've been to a New York City Metro Area for a convention, concert, festival, stadium event, airport ceremony, sporting event, civic celebration, parade, outdoor concert, airshow, carnival, fair, or Business Trade Show Conference, you've probably heard our sound systems.

Heard some holiday music being played, or an important safety PSA at one these events, or in the shopping mall, or on a NYC city street? It may have been supplied by and produced with the trusted, reliable, and pro-engineering of...


Who We Are

We are a full service sound systems contractor that specializes in sound systems for all commercial and professional need. if you need a system installed in your school or church we do it. Or if you need to us to supply a sound system for a concert school play or of you town festival we do it. if your sound system does not sound right we can help in upgrading or just tweaking it up, or find what ails it. Sound On The Run has been in the sound business since 1974 and is one of the oldest sound system contractors in the New York metro area.

What We Do

Install, sell, rent, design, and service sound systems for schools, commercial needs, churches and temples, recreational uses, fairs and festivals, sporting events, concerts and theaters, and any need you can think of.
If you need it, we got it!


We use industry standard equipment from Crown, Electro Voice, Ashley, JBL, Yamaha, Midas, Bose, Rane, QSC, EAW, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Shure and others. We supply custom sound pro audio systems and PA system equipment, complete with engineering design, setup and professional technicians, all for a reasonable price.


Regardless if it's a small store, restaurant or a large church or performance space, we can install a sound system. From concept to working system, let us design a system that will fill your needs.

And don't get rid of your old system just yet...
Before you go out and get a new system, let us evaluate your old system. Many times you don't need a whole new system, just a good cleaning and a few new components. As a matter fact, most systems replaced today are replaced because of misleading sales people who have sales quotas they must keep with manufacturers and will take out perfectly good systems that just need some TLC.

So before you dig in your pocket for a new setup, call us!


Some of the clients we've served:

  • New York Daily News
  • City Of White Plains
  • Jewish Theological Seminary, NYC
  • Little Italy Merchants Assn, NYC
  • Greek Parade, NYC
  • Steuben Parade, NYC
  • Brooklyn St. Patrick's Parade, NY
  • Rockaway St. Patrick's Parade, NY
  • Working Harbor Committee, NYC
  • Mort And Ray Productions, NYC
  • Hackensack Public Schools, NJ
  • Central Astoria Local Development Corp, NY
  • Town of Harrison, NY
  • Elmsford Pubic Schools, NY
  • Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, NY
  • New York Parks Department
  • Teaneck Street Fair, NJ
  • Essex County, NJ
  • Medgar Evers College, NY
  • Greenwood Lake Airshow, NY
  • Mamamorneck Arts Council, NY
  • Radio Disney Main Theater, NYC
  • West Milford Parks and Recreation, NJ

Contact Us

23 Setting Sun Trail
West Milford, NJ 07480

(973) 697-1112
(212) 688-1123